Ensuring that Apple doesn’t get all the spotlight, analyst Chad Bartley of Pacific Crest has thrown a report about a new Kindle Fire into the rumor mill.

CNet reported Friday that Amazon is preparing to launch a larger version of its Kindle tablet, the Fire, by the middle of the year. Bartley is basing his predictions on his own checks with Amazon’s component suppliers, the report said.

The current $199 Fire tablet is holding its own in the 7-inch, Android-based tablet market, but it could use more tweaks. Some who’ve bought the tablet want Amazon to add, for example, a physical volume rocker.

A larger screen would put the Fire in more direct competition with Apple’s iPad, though the Fire would still focus mostly on reading, watching video and shopping. Amazon does appear to be targeting the iPad more closely with its latest ad, which unfavorably compares an unnamed iPad-looking device with the new Kindle line — mainly because of the price.

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