Google has sold out of the 16GB version of its Galaxy Nexus 7 tablet. As of this weekend, the tablet is not available for order on the Google Play store. Users looking to buy the tablet are encouraged to enter their e-mail addresses in order to be notified when the company gets more in stock.

The tablet started shipping last week, a little under a month after Google announced that it was getting back into the direct hardware game (sort of) by partnering with Asus on a Google-branded tablet.

The tablet, which costs $199, has no expandable memory. That could explain why customers are snapping up the higher-capacity tablets so quickly, especially since the Nexus 7 is meant more for watching movies and reading than it is for accessing work files that live in the cloud.

The work/play balance that Google expects its Nexus 7 users to have is pretty clear in the company’s first commercial for the tablet.

The spot features a father and son camping and using the tablet as a flashlight, a book reader, a compass, a mini-movie screen, a nature guide and a checkerboard on a rainy day. In other words: no homework, no office e-mail and no TPS reports. All in all, an adorable commercial that shows the Nexus 7’s playful side.

“But wait,” you say. “The Nexus 7 is WiFi only. How does that work?”

At the end of the commercial, the camera zooms out to show that all the fun happened in their own backyard, aka, well within the range of the family router.

It’s a smart way to address the criticism that the tablet’s not as useful as competing devices such as the iPad because it can’t be used on cellular networks. With this commercial, Google’s making the argument that WiFi-only doesn’t only mean indoor-only.

The tablet certainly has a lot to offer even without the added portability of cellular network support — an omission, it should be said, that didn’t stop people from snapping up the Kindle Fire either.

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