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Nintendo announced Wednesday that it has pushed out an update for the 3DS handheld devices that will let users shoot 3D video.

The update, which the company has been promising for months, gives gamers the chance to make their own glassesless 3D stop-motion and continuous videos. Videos can be up to 10 minutes long.

Users can’t currently share videos or export them off of the device, Nintendo confirmed, though owners can put movies on an SD card to share in 2D.

In updates to its eShop, Nintendo has made it easier to use a credit card to purchase content. Gamers will now also be able to queue up downloads and have the device receive the updates in Sleep Mode.

The company also tweaked its StreetPass feature, which lets 3DS users swap content with each other. The device can now transfer photos, game data and audio recordings through the features.

A weak game lineup and high price ($249.99) hurt the device at launch, but Nintendo has been pushing the device hard this holiday season, introducing some great games for the 3DS and slashing the price to $169.99.

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