The flagship phone of Google’s next Android operating system, the Galaxy Nexus, has already launched overseas. but there’s been no official word on when it will hit Verizon’s network in the United States.

The general consensus is that the phone will go on sale in the next few weeks to capture a good portion of the holiday market, and a report from Computerworld points to a Dec. 8 launch date and a pre-order date of Nov. 29.

Computerworld’s Richi Jennings has arrived at these dates by way of “triangulation,” citing readers who’ve been told that the phone will be up for pre-order Tuesday, a seemingly leaked ad that indicated a Tuesday pre-order date and the logic that the company wouldn’t want to launch the new phone during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping blitz.

Jennings said that he believes the phone will retail for $199.99.

The Galaxy Nexus got great early reviews, but was hit with a strange volume bug that made its audio levels fluctuate wildly in certain circumstances. Google and Samsung UK confirmed that they have developed a fix for the bug, the BBC reported on Thursday.

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