One of the main complaints about the iPad 2 has been its camera, one of the only components of the iPad that falls behind its competitors. Now, photos leaked from a Chinese blog called Apple Daily indicate that this could change with the next iPad.

Photos on the Chinese-language Web site show the new iPad with the same 8MP camera sensor as the one currently in the iPhone 4S, indicating there will be a big boost in camera quality when the tablet is unveiled. Ars Technica also notes that the pictures show a camera opening that looks similar to the one on the latest iPhone. A high-quality sensor would likely add to the price of the iPad.

According to MacRumors, Apple Daily is a tabloid-style newspaper that was on the right track about new MacBook models coming in 2010, though its report was not completely correct about the specs and timing of that launch. The images are also similar to other “leaks” that have come out of China in the past few weeks.

The images also seem to back up rumors that the new iPad will have a tapered form. That has been a strong line of speculation, backed up again Monday when another site, MIC Gadget, published pictures indicating the same thing. The pictures also seemed to show that the next iPad will be slightly thicker than its predecessor, causing the blog to speculate that the tapered back is an attempt to make the tablet feel slimmer.

Keep in mind, of course, the only iPad report that really matters is the one expected to come out of Cupertino, Calif., in early March.

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