Another week, another Apple rumor. This time the speculation making the rounds through the tech press is focusing on the thickness of Apple’s next iPad, which iLounge reports could be .7 mm thicker than the iPad 2.

Citing “our most reliable source,” iLounge’s editor-in-chief Jeremy Horowitz said that the tablet will get the extra girth thanks to twin light-bars necessary to support a higher-resolution display. The report said that the tablet is scheduled for a March release — the usual for Apple up to this point — though it speculated that it could be “publicly shown as early as January.”

Speculation is that the tablet will have a 2048 x 1536 pixel display, Techradar reported, a display that will require another LED lightbar to keep its colors bright. Taiwainese tech site Digitimes, which has a spotty record when it comes to Apple speculation, also reported earlier this month that Apple was considering the extra bar. LED bars, the report said, addressed concerns about heat and battery consumption.

Despite all of that speculation, it’s still a little difficult to believe that Apple would actually consider making it thicker — even if it’s only .7 mm thicker — as it’s been fairly obsessed with slimming down its products.

The iLounge report also indicated that the next iPhone may have a larger, 4-inch display and be 8 mm longer. It will not have the “teardrop” design rumored for the next iPhone, the report said, and is still in very early stages of development.

Rounding out the rumor trifecta, iLounge also reported that the MacBook Pro will also get a design refresh, with the words “think thinner.”

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