Sick of “iPad 3” rumors? Never fear, there’s also plenty of speculation about the next version of the iPhone.

Fresh off the rumor mill comes the speculation that Apple may be doing away with its familiar connector for the iPad, iPod and iPhone. According to the blog iMore, Apple is said to be mulling the switch to save more space inside of its devices, such as the next iPhone.

If so, that’s fairly big news. Changing the dock connector would mean that, essentially, an entire industry built around iDevice accessories would become obsolete.

Apple is known for working to pack as much as it can into its cases, opting for smaller SIM cards and other design tweaks to keep its device’s profiles slim.

There’s also that story about late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs throwing a prototype iPod into an aquarium to point out what he called wasted space inside.

“Those are air bubbles,” he reportedly said. “That means there’s space in there. Make it smaller.”

That said, iMore doesn’t reveal much about where it heard this information. So, while it sounds like the new dock is in the realm of possibility, Apple fans should take this particular rumor with as much salt as they can bear.

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