MacRumors is reporting that slimmer iPhone cases with a tapered design are appearing at AT&T stores. Apple watchers have been speculating that the company will release either one or two models of the iPhone at the company’s event next week, with the rumor mill spinning back toward the theory that Apple will only release one, slightly upgraded version of the iPhone. The cases, however, indicate that at least some accessory makers think otherwise.

Supposed screenshots of AT&T’s inventory screens listing three Case-Mate cases for the “iPhone 5” have popped up at a few tech blogs, including Apple-dedicated blog TiPb and Boy Genius Report. The reports come ahead of Apple’s iPhone event next week, where the company is expected to reveal a new model (or two?) of its popular handset.

Case-Mate made a splash a couple of weeks ago when Boy Genius Report posted screenshots of a product gallery showing iPhone 5 cases on the company’s site. The company quickly took the pictures down, and put up a product page that let customers sign up to pre-order cases for the next iPhone.

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