Research in Motion shares are up over 6.5 percent in late afternoon trading in response to a strong Tuesday showing from executives at a company developers’ conference in San Jose, Calif.

RIM Chief Executive Thorsten Heins set achievable goals for the BlackBerry maker, Bloomberg reported, saying that he wants to make BlackBerry 10 the third-place operating system in the world. It was an acknowledgment that it will be difficult to unseat Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android.

With that admission in place, RIM is still planning an ambitious launch for its next operating system. The company will roll out phones running BlackBerry 10 on six continents, the company said. Excitement about the system, the company hopes, will stir up excitement about its phones.

BlackBerrys have a stronger hold on the market outside of the U.S. and Canada and the company is still growing its userbase. While still not commanding the marketshare it once did, the company added 2 million subscribers in the past quarter, bringing the total to 80 million worldwide.

The company showed off features of its upcoming operating system, including a keyboard that can type in multiple languages, as Laptop Magazine reported, but still did not showcase a device for the system. The company is expected to launch BB10 in January and follow up quickly with new hardware.

The BlackBerry maker is set to release its latest earnings report Thursday.

One thing that could hold the smartphone maker back from its goal of being number three is the fact that apps for BlackBerry are not nearly as diverse or useful as apps for the iPhone or Android phones. Even if RIM sticks to its base and concentrates less on the broad North American consumer market, it will still have to convince many more developers to come aboard its platform.

To meet its goals, RIM will also have to beat out Microsoft’s Windows Phone system and its suite of apps aimed directly at the heart of RIM’s userbase — the enterprise market.

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