Samsung confirmed Sunday that it will be carrying an LTE version of its Galaxy S II, giving it a leg up over the iPhone. In a statement on its Korean Web site (via Google Translate), the company said it will showcase the phone at this week’s IFA consumer electronics trade show in Berlin.

The phone, which is LTE/WCDMA /GSM-compatible, will likely first be available in Europe. The company also confirmed that it is making an 8.9-inch LTE version of its Galaxy Tab, which fits it in a somewhat unique size category between iPad-sized tablets like it’s 10.1-inch sibling, and the smaller, 7-inch set.

Samsung decided to push back a press event presumed to be its U.S. launch of the Galaxy S II, due to worries over Hurricane Irene.

The company also announced Monday that it is unveiling a mobile messaging service, ChatON, which allows users to send short messages to any cellphone. ChatON is supported for Samsung’s own Bada OS as well as iOS, Android and BlackBerry.

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