As we prepare for the iPhone 5 to start flying off store shelves, Samsung is reportedly already planning for the Galaxy S4.

The Korea Times reported Sunday that an unnamed Samsung official confirmed the company would be unveiling a new Galaxy smartphone at next year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and will have the new phone to market by March.

That would make it a very short product cycle for the Galaxy S III, which the company released in May.

According to the report, the S4 will be, in all ways, bigger and better than its predecessor. It will reportedly have a 5-inch screen, quad-core processors and, the report said, Samsung is considering integrating its flexible display technology, which would allow the phone to be very, very thin.

A March release would likely put Samsung’s new flagship model at least six months ahead of what appears to be Apple’s new iPhone fall release schedule. Samsung has been the Cupertino, Calif. firm’s fiercest competitor, and has been touting the strength of its flagship phone against the iPhone’s.

Samsung, Business Insider reported, has even put out a print ad that is meant to show a comparison between the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S III that indicates the new iPhone doesn’t match up. Samsung's list of features extends 14 items beyond the iPhone, though it should be said that there are plenty of things about the iPhone that unsurprisingly don’t make the cut in the Samsung ad.

In fact, all the ad points out is that the iPhone and the Galaxy S III run different software.

Yes, the iPhone doesn’t have, for example, Tilt-to-Zoom, but that obviously doesn’t mean that you can’t zoom in on the iPhone’s display. Samsung does note that it’s made the decision to include an NFC chip in its phone and Apple hasn’t, but most consumers probably aren’t dying to have that technology in their phones in the first place.

If they are, they’ve probably already given the Galaxy S III some serious thought.

Of course, this slight against Apple has already roused its fanbase to come out against the ad.

As CNET reported, Apple fans have already answered the ad point-for-point by bringing up features such as shared photostreams as the answer to Samsung features such as ShareShot.

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