Samsung and Apple, which sometimes partner with each other, are also gearing up to be even fiercer competitors in the coming months.

Speculation is flying that Samsung is planning an HD screen for its Galaxy tablets. According to an article from Boy Genius Report, the company is planning to beat Apple to the marketplace and introduce a retina-quality display screen on an 11.6-inch tablet. Citing a “trusted source,” the report said that the tablet will run Ice Cream Sandwich and will have a 2560 x 1600 resolution. The tablet could debut as early as the Mobile World Congress in February.

Citi analyst Richard Gardner recently predicted that the next iPad will also have a retina display.

It’s a good time to be Samsung. On Thursday, a panel of Australian judges ruled that the company can sell its tablet computers in the country before the end of the holiday season. The Associated Press reported that the Australian High Court has denied Apple’s request to continue a ban on Samsung’s Galaxy tablets in the country, saying that Apple failed to convince the court that the Korean company had infringed upon Apple’s patents for the iPad 2.

The Cupertino, Calif., tech giant is embroiled in a handful of lawsuits over copyright infringement around the world and suffered a setback in its case against Motorola in Germany. The court there ruled in favor of Motorola Mobility (which is being acquired by Google), saying that Apple is infringing on one of Motorola’s core patents with its iPhone and iPad. The BBC reported that Apple is likely to appeal.

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