Samsung may have taken a hit after a California jury ruled that the company had infringed on Apple patents, but the company is moving right past that trial and prepping another big product launch Wednesday.

The company is preparing for the launch of a new Galaxy Note, as a spokesman told Reuters earlier this month, and rumor has it that Samsung will make the already large smartphone even bigger the second time around.

To review, the Galaxy Note is a smartphone and tablet hybrid — a phablet, if you must use the buzzword— with a screen size that approaches the upper limit of most people’s thumb reach. At 5.3 inches, the Note has found a niche among those who love its screen for watching video and browsing and don’t mind its considerable width.

Fans of the first Note, then, may be heartened to hear that Samsung is said to be planning to bump the screen up to 5.5 inches, according to a SlashGear report citing a Korean newspaper. The newspaper also reported that the phone being introduced Wednesday will have a 1.4 Ghz quadcore processor and may be running the very latest version of Android — Jelly Bean. The phone is also expected to have an 8 MP camera and 16GB or 32GB of storage.

There also have been speculative reports from the Korea IT Times that Samsung will use a flexible screen in the Note, as a way to cut down on the overall thickness of the phone. Mashable reported that having a flexible screen wouldn’t mean that the phone itself can bend, simply that it would be better equipped to cushion the blow from falling.

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