Sergey Brin hasn't been afraid of taking Google's Project Glass augmented reality prototype out on the town. Most recently, Brin brought Project Glass to an interview with California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom on The Gavin Newsom Show — in a short clip, Brin actually lets Newsom try Project Glass on for himself. In a quick exchange, Brin tells Newsom how he just took a photo without his interviewer even noticing; Newsom wanted proof, so Brin just let him try the glasses on and see it for himself. We obviously don't get to see what Newsom saw, but in the short clip we got to see Brin gesturing on the side input pad a few times, presumably as he flipped through the photos on his device.

The full interview is expected to air on June 1st at 8pm Pacific time on Current TV, but Newsom shared his impressions of Project Glass with Wired, saying that "you can easily forget you have them on, and sense the capacity of use in the future." He went on to note that the glasses themselves were extremely light and "inconspicuous" while being worn; Newsom also found the display to be high quality, saying the image he viewed "was remarkably clear." Unfortunately, Brin confirmed that we're still a long ways off from seeing Project Glass as a shipping project, saying, "I have some hopes to maybe get it out sometime next year." Even though we're still clearly in the prototype phase, Newsom came away quite impressed, saying that the device is "a heck of a lot further along than people have imagined."

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