Siri — and the crazy things she says — have inspired a couple of Tumblr blogs documenting the funniest interactions that Apple users have had with the AI personal assistant in the iPhone 4S.

The blog’s somewhat vulgar name “[expletive] That Siri Says” appears to have gotten its first batch of quotes straight from a post Thisismynext’s Joshua Topolsky published on Wednesday. Another blog “Siri-Says” has a couple more choice zingers from the program, including a bit of Apple promotion. When asked whether Android or iOS is a better system, she replied “That seems like a false choice to me.”

As I documented earlier, Siri’s got smart answers to many un­or­tho­dox responses to phrases such as “What is the meaning of life” and “I love you.” Users have been submitting screenshots of their favorite answers since the blog went live.

The blog shows a bit more of Siri’s range in the goofy department, such as her answer to everyone’s famous woodchuck-themed tongue twister. In case you’re wondering, she says that a woodchuck can chuck 42 cords of wood.

Far and away the most innovative feature in the new iPhone 4S, the helpful program is inspiring devotion from many fans — though you may tick her off if you ask her too many times to “open the pod bay doors” ala Hal in “2001: A Space Odyssey.”

When I asked, she replied, “That’s it...I’m reporting you to the Intelligent Agents’ Union for harassment.”


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