Given the latest estimates from comScore, which say that stores took in $6 billion dollars in sales over Cyber Week, it’s likely that holiday shoppers already have most of their big-ticket items in place for their loved ones. But what about the little “just because” items that make the holidays fun? Here’s a list of 15 techie stocking stuffers meant to generate some Christmas morning grins.

1) Scosche MotorMouth II Stereo Bluetooth car kit: This handy gadget plugs into your audio auxiliary port and makes it easy to make any call hands-free. The kit also lets you stream music from most Bluetooth-enabled devices and will cut out the music when you receive a call. $59.99.

2) Joby GorillaTorch Blade: Joby, which has made a splash with its versatile and quirky gadget tripods has taken its design genius to the flashlight. This little light of yours will get to shine from any angle and surface, thanks to its innovative design. $59.95.

3) BlueLounge Cool Feet: These little feet are great for anyone who runs their laptop like a desktop and finds that it runs a little hot. Users can suction the feet to the bottom of their machine — the back feet are a little higher than the front, meaning that air is free to circulate. $12.95.

4) Callpod Chargepod: With its clever design, the Chargepod lets super-connected techies charge up to six devices at once with one outlet. So now there’s no need to panic when your personal phone, work phone, headset, tablet and e-reader are low on juice. You can charge them all and still have a cord to spare. $39.95, plus $9.95 for each adapter.

5) Target Lego gift cards: What self-respecting geek doesn’t have a soft spot for Legos? Target’s brick-inspired gift cards let you give the gift of choice without the cop-out stigma attached to the lowly gift card. $5 minimum.

6) CableClip Cable Storage: Cable management is the gift that keeps on giving, since you save a lot of time and frustration avoiding the Gordian knot of cords that seems to form every time you turn away. These candy-colored clips are a fun and functional way to keep headphones, chargers and other cords in their place. $9.99.

7) DIY smartphone case: Great either as a companion to the new smartphone you’re getting for your loved one or as a gentle reminder that maybe, just maybe, they’re a bit too clumsy with their fancy phones. You can upload your own design to put on the case, giving it that extra special touch. $35 and up.

8) iDapt i4 multi-gadget charger: This little gadget gives users the chance to customize their desktop charging configuration, thanks to interchangeable ports. The company sells clearly labled charging tips for just about every device out there, so there’ll be no need to fumble around for cords. $49.99.

9) LaCie USB Keys: Sleek, functional and oh-so-cool, these USB drives will blend in with the keys you already carry with you every day, making sure you’re never without a little extra storage. And if keys aren’t your thing, LaCie also makes whimsical drives shaped like coins, so that your data solution can blend in with your change. $19.99 and up.

10) Mini Microfiber mitts: Perfect for neat freaks, these tiny fuzzballs will help you keep your screens free of telltale fingerprints that could give away your lock passcodes. They attach easily to your keys so you can ensure you’re never far from a quick cleaning session. $2.99.

11) Grassy Lawn Charging Station: Cords are ugly, but this charging station hides them and will add a touch of whimsy to any desk. With this device, your gadgets can do what you can’t while working in your cubicle — lounge in the green grass and recharge their batteries. $24.99.

12) Tune Juice: Powered by AA batteries, this device is handy for giving your iPod or iPhone that extra little burst of power needed for a long car, plane or train ride. While the cost of the batteries could add up over time, the ability to get a little extra power without having to hunt down an outlet is priceless. $39.99.

13) eBook Light: Amazon’s Kindle is a great product because of its easy-on-the-eyes e-ink screen, but it’s hard to enjoy in the dark. With this slim clip-on light, you can read from dusk to dawn without ever having to reach for a lamp. $29.99.

14) Tocky: Your gift recipient will either love or hate the Tocky, which is aimed at getting sleepyheads out of bed. You can upload mp3s to this alarm clock, which will roll away and around the room when it’s time to get up. $69.

15) iGrill: High-tech grillers will love this gadget, which remotely displays the temperature of whatever you’ve got cooking on a remote display with a 200-ft. range. With the iGrill app, you can also get the necessary stats pushed to your phone and make use of the app’s timer. $99.99.

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