Reviews for the new iPad are in and they are glowing. Ahead of the tablet’s launch tomorrow, reviewers have published their thoughts on Apple’s new tablet, highlighting its new screen, data speeds and improved camera as the most impressive features. All indicate that the new iPad will help Apple stay on top of the market.

Most also answer the question about whether to upgrade or not. For anyone looking to buy an Apple tablet who doesn’t already own one, The Post’s Joshua Topolsky said, this is a no-brainer.

“[If] you’re in the market for your first tablet, or upgrading from the original iPad or an Android device, do not hesitate. The new iPad is the most functional, easy-to-use and beautiful tablet that any company has ever produced,” he said. Upgrading from the iPad 2? If you are okay with your screen, network speed and cameras, there’s no reason to rush out right now, he said.

But, says TechCrunch’s MG Siegler, “if you choose not to upgrade (or to spend $399 for the 16 GB iPad 2 now), again, treat the new iPad as if it were Medusa when you’re in an Apple Store. Do. Not. Look. At. It.”

Here are some choice bits from several of the reviews out there.

Wall Street Journal, Walt Mossberg: “Using the new display is like getting a new eyeglasses prescription — you suddenly realize what you thought looked sharp before wasn’t nearly as sharp as it could be.”

New York Times, David Pogue: “The new iPad doesn’t introduce anything that we haven’t seen before, either in the iPhone or in rival tablets. There’s no Steve Jobs ‘one more thing’ moment here; Apple just took its white-hot iPad and added the latest screen, battery and cellular technologies.”

(Pogue also sort-of answers the pressing question about the tablet’s name. Why just the “iPad”? Staying with numbers would have “been too predictable,” says Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president for marketing.)

Macworld, Jason Snell: “[The] changes Apple has wrought with this iPad aren’t about making it thinner or lighter or faster, but about making it better. And on nearly every front, the third-generation iPad is markedly better than its predecessor.”

The Loop, Jim Dalrymple: “So, what did I like about the iPad? Simple — the experience. Nobody in the market today can touch the Apple experience.”

Daring Fireball, John Gruber — who calls it the “iPad (3)”: “50 grams and six-tenths of a millimeter are minor compromises, but compromises they are, and they betray Apple’s priorities: better to make the iPad slightly thicker and heavier than have battery life slightly suffer. And keep in mind that the new iPad 3 remains far thinner and lighter than the original iPad.”

SlashGear, Vincent Nguyen: “Steve Jobs would have approved of the new iPad. With its focus on the holistic experience rather than individual boasts around its constituent parts, it’s the epitome of the Post-PC world the Apple founder envisaged.”

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