SAN FRANCISCO - Twitter has launched “Twitter stories,” a collection of tales outlining how the service has impacted people’s lives. (Justin Sullivan/GETTY IMAGES)

In its five-year history, Twitter’s been used for inane updates on what was breakfast, as a vehicle for real-time news and as a way to spread revolutionary social ideas. On Tuesday, the service launched a new site, “Twitter Stories,” to share a handful of stunning ways that the micro-blogging service has made a positive impact on people’s lives.

The stories range from the heartwarming story of a son who saved his mother’s bookstore with a tweet, to the bone-chilling tale of a man who relied on Twitter for help when snipers entered his backyard in Tunisia. The site even features the story of one man who found a kidney donor after tweeting, “[expletive], I need a kidney.”

Twitter said in a company blog post that it will update the site every month with more stories, which can be submitted by mentioning @twitterstories in a post or using the hashtag #twitterstories.

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