Vizio's new family of computers

You probably know Vizio as a maker of television sets, but today the company launched a new line of products that aims to expand the company’s footprint into PCs and laptops.

They aren’t, however, straying from their strategy to target the lower end of the market. Its ultrabook, notebook and PC lineups all start at $899.99.

Of particularly interest is the company’s ultrabook which is aiming to take on the plethora of thin and light laptops out there that have generally settled in the $1,000 price point. The ultrabook sports two models — 14-inch and 15.6-inch — and can come with a dual-core i3 or i5 processor or an i7 quad-core processor. The same is true for the notebooks, which also offer 500 GB or 1TB of storage, plus a 32GB SSD in the high-end model.

The desktop PCs come in 27- or 24-inch flavors with the same processor choices and also sport 1TB of space, plus the solid-state drive for the two higher-end models.

All the computers come with Windows 7 Signature Edition installed, and some models will be sold at Wal-mart or on

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