Samsung pitched another ad against its primary competitor on Sunday, showing off its Galaxy Note in a Super Bowl commercial that poked fun at Apple fans.

Returning to the setting of its Galaxy S II commercial, the ad showed a Samsung user blissfully using his new phone in front of a line of hipster-looking folks outside a suspiciously familiar white and blond-wood storefront. From there, the commercial unfolds as only a Super Bowl commercial can, working itself into a spectacle complete with a human cannonball and a soundtrack from the British glam-rock band The Darkness.

The Note, a smartphone/tablet hybrid with a 5.3-inch screen, went up for pre-order at AT&T on Sunday. The phone is unique not only because of its large screen size, but also for its PDA-era throwback stylus, which will let users highlight, annotate, write and draw on the device with a bit more precision than a finger.

The phone will go on sale Feb. 19. It costs $299.99 on contract and will require a smartphone data plan of at least $20 per month.

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