Microsoft said Wednesday that current Windows devices will not support the upcoming Windows Phone 8 system coming later this year.

That’s bad news for early adopters — including those who bought the Nokia Lumia 900 — who will instead get a new Windows 7.8 update to their phones.

The update will include access to the new, more customizable home screen that the company featured, which lets users change the size and layout of their opening pages.

Nokia representative Kevin Shields also showed off features coming to Nokia Windows Phone owners, saying that the Finnish company's recent acquisition of Scalado was mostly to provide the new camera technology, which allows users to take a burst of pictures and then pick and choose the best facets from all the pictures to include in the final shot.

Microsoft also announced that gaming company Zynga will be making apps for the Windows platform, further building out the company’s now 100,000-strong app store.

Four hardware manufacturers will partner with Microsoft on its range of new Windows Phone 8 devices. They are familiar faces to anyone who’s already shopped for a Microsoft phone: Samsung, HTC, Huawei and, of course, Nokia.

Once the new hardware is launched, Microsoft will also switch to over-the-air updates for its operating system and will support those updates for 18 months.

And, as a bone to early adopters, interested and adventurous users who register their new Windows Phone 8 devices with Microsoft can get first-look access at upcoming features.

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