Microsoft is rolling on with its development cycle for Windows 8, promising another preview for consumers in June.

The company made its announcement at a developer conference in Japan, according to a tweet from the official Windows 8 Development team account. The release follows the Consumer Preview released in February that gave users a first glimpse at what the new system could do, as well as the announcement about the three versions of Windows 8 that will hit shelves at launch.

At launch, which is expected this fall, shoppers will be able to choose the Home, Office or Windows RT version of the operating system. Windows RT is intended specifically for ARM-based tablets, and will feature touch-based versions of Microsoft Office.

Of course, all the versions of Windows 8 are built with touch in mind and will be able to run Metro-style apps from Microsoft’s new app store.

A June Consumer Preview puts Microsoft on pace for its expected October launch, and the summer peek at the system should offer fairly good insight into what’s coming on launch day.

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