Google Inc. signage is displayed at the company's headquarters in Mountain View, Calif. on Monday, April 4, 2011. (Tony Avelar/Bloomberg)

Would you wear a computer? Google’s hoping you will, according to a recent report from The New York Times. The Times’ Nick Bilton has more information on the famed Google glasses with a heads-up display that 9 to 5 Google’s Seth Weintraub teased to in December.

The glasses, Weintraub wrote in a follow up, would look similar to normal glasses, but would have location information that appeared on the lenses. An unnamed person told Weintraub that the glasses will look just like normal glasses with the exception of a couple of buttons.

The Times piece builds on this reporting and comes with the news that the device will be available to users by the end of the year, according to “several” unnamed Google employees.

The glasses will reportedly have a three- or four-inch screen that will display information pulled from various Google services about the wearer’s surroundings. The glasses are also said to be able to record video — which should appeal to spy thriller or Terminator fans.

Those worried about covert surveillance may be happy to hear that the team at Google has reportedly been internally discussing how to make it “obvious” that the glasses are recording.

The glasses will cost somewhere between the range of $250 and $600 — about the same or cheaper than designer sunglasses. Android-based, the glasses will have a 3G or 4G data connection and motion sensors, Bilton reported.

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