Apple announced Monday that all of its notebooks are getting an update, confirming rumors and giving the summer’s slew of ultrabooks some more competition. The company also introduced a new model.

The next generation MacBook Pro, unveiled Monday, is ultra-thin and was described by Apple as the “most beautiful computer” that the company’s ever made. The notebook will start at $2199.

The notebook is .71 inches thin, Ars Technica reported, and weighs just 4.46 pounds. It has a retina display, which measures 15.4 inches across, and has 220 pixels per inch.

The company showed off photo and video apps that take full advantage of the display, as well as a new Kepler graphics chip from Nvidia and a quad-core i5 or i7 processor from Intel. The computer will have a USB 3.0 /USB 2.0 port, and HDMI port, two Thunderbolt ports and a new MagSafe power adapter, the report said. The company also has changed the way it spaces the fans on the notebook, to make it run quieter, MacWorld reported.

The notebook, even with that power-hungry screen, will have 7 hours of battery life, TechCrunch reported. The battery, which Apple showed off on-screen takes up the bulk of the machine’s inside.

The new model will ship Monday.

In addition to the new model, the MacBook Air is getting an Ivy Bridge processing update, the site reported, with up to 2.0 Ghz for the processor, USB 3.0 ports, capability for up to 512 GB of flash storage and up to 8GB of memory. The notebook will also have a USB 2.0 port, and a 720p camera, The Verge reported. Prices for the new 11-inch MacBook Air are $999 and $1099.

The Macbook Pro is also getting a spec bump, with the same USB ports as the Air, better graphics and Ivy Bridge chips. The prices will stay the same for both the 13-inch and 15-inch models. Shipping starts Monday for the updated notebooks, as well, Apple said.

Siri was as the opening act for Apple chief executive Tim Cook on Monday, warming up the crowd by cracking a few jokes at the expense of Apple competitor Samsung and Google.

She also acted as Apple’s first ambassador to its devoted developer community, saying “I love you guys. It’s hard for me to get emotional because my emotions haven’t been coded yet,” the Verge reported.

Cook quickly handed the mic over to Schiller, but did drop a few metrics on the crowd beforehand.

Apple’s top executive said that the conference this year sold out in an hour and 23 minutes, showing that there is a lot of demand to be in with Apple.

He also gave some new App Store stats: there are 400 million accounts on app store and 650,000 apps — including 225,000 just for for iPad. He also announced that the store had hit 30 billion downloads and paid out $5 billion to developers.

The app store, he said, would also be expanding to 32 more countries in Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

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