After showing off a whole slew of hardware announcements, Apple revealed more about their next version of OS X, Mountain Lion.

It will be an upgrade from Lion and Snow Leopard, letting some users skip one version of the operating system — a new thing for Apple. The system will be shipping in July for just a $19.99 upgrade, Ars Technica reported.

The company outlined eight features in Mountain Lion, several of which had been announced before. The new operating system will have a notifications center, a better system for sharing and more iCloud integration.

The new laptops Apple announced — a new MacBook Pro as well as updates to the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air — will have a free Mountain Lion upgrade, according to CNET.

Apple has added dictation to the Mac as well, a feature that MacWorld reported the company added to the new iPad and to iOS that works very well on mobile devices.

iCloud will have a Documents app in the Cloud feature, which will allow users to drag documents into the cloud and make them available on all your Apple devices. Users can edit and view documents from their mobile and desktop devices, The Verge said.

The new sharing feature will make it easy to share Web pages with a dedicated sharing button; users will also be able to share their Safari tabs between devices, the report said.

The Notification Center Apple detailed looks a lot like Growl, the third-party app that gives live updates from social networks and other applications. CNET said that the system works for many applications, even Microsoft Word.

Another feature, Power Nap, sets your computer to sync with iCloud, e-mail and Time Machine while the computer sleeps, the report said.

AirPlay mirroring can mirror content up to 1080p from your Mac, Ars Technica reported, and users can put anything on their Mac on their television.

The final Mountain Lion feature that Apple showed off Monday was the addition of the Game Center to the Mac, which will work across all mac platforms, the Verge reported. The Game Center has failed to take off in a major way for Apple — partially because of the corny user interface that’s backed in virtual green felt — but the integration with the Mac may give Apple a better chance at getting people on the platform.

The company has 66 million install base for Macs, a number that’s been growing exponentially.

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