After adding a few basic editing tools to its arsenal in the fall, YouTube is kicking it up a notch with more automated tools aimed at improving the quality of online video.

The company said Wednesday that it will add a feature that will automatically offer to fix shaky or dark video.

“Sometimes videos suffer from symptoms like ‘shaky-camera-itis’ or ‘augmented-darkness-levels’ that keep viewers from seeing just how awesome your video really is,” YouTube wrote in a company blog post. “[Now] we’re adding a feature that does the work of curing these symptoms for you.”

YouTube, which is owned by Google, has made a big push in the past year to improve content on its site.

The site is not only trying to up the production quality of the user-submitted videos that made it huge, it’s also investing in its own original content.

YouTube has made a $100 million investment in production, betting on the prediction that head of global partnerships Robert Kyncl made in January: that in the next decade, 75 percent of all channels will be born on the Internet. Later that month, Google announced that one hour of video was being uploaded to the site every second.

The video site logged 1 trillion hits in 2011, and is anticipating a bigger year ahead as the 2012 election gears up. It has already proven that it’s a big generator for conversations and political action — a track record that’s grown from the “Yes We Can” viral videos in 2008 to the announcement Wednesday that YouTube will work with Reuters news service to deliver daily slices of political news online.

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