Wiggling loose from Facebook, Zynga announced Tuesday that it’s releasing a handful of new games and putting the finishing touches on its own platform, Zynga Direct.

The company has depended heavily on its audience on Facebook and owes the social network much of its success, but it is also starting to branch out by offering gamers a new service called Zynga Direct. The platform will let gamers pick their own usernames — called zTags — that will “travel with you between games,” the company revealed on its blog.

In addition to the new platform, the company also introduced a new ‘Ville game to add to its successful roster: CastleVille, which will have a full orchestral score and an “engaging storyline” that differs from the company’s model with its other games such as FarmVille and CityVille.

The company also gave users a sneak peek at Zynga Bingo, a memory game called Hidden Chronicles, an iOS app called Dream Zoo and a sequel to Mafia Wars called, well, Mafia Wars 2.

While Zynga’s showing a little more independence, it’s not abandoning its roots either. The company also said that it is releasing three HTML5 games for Facebook’s mobile apps site — Zynga Poker Mobile Web, Words with Friends HTML5 and Farmville Express.

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