Zynga, fresh off an initial public offering last month, has kicked off the new year in a big way by releasing two new games in two days.

On Thursday, the company announced a follow-up to its very popular “Words with Friends” game for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad called “Scramble with Friends.” Similar to the board game Boggle, the game displays letters in a four-by-four grid and gives players two minutes to make as many words as possible.

The announcement comes just a day after Zynga announced its first post-IPO game called “Hidden Chronicles,” which is more story-driven than other popular Zynga Facebook titles such as FarmVille or CityVille. The game retains the freemium model that also encourages players to share their progress with friends in order to advance in the game.

Zynga shares have not closed higher than the company’s IPO price of $10 since its market debut; shares closed at $8.91 on Thursday.

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