Tax Season 2021 starts Feb. 12. The backlog for paper returns is large and likely to grow, so anyone. The IRS received roughly 16 million paper individual returns last year and as of Dec. 25 had a backlog of 6.9 million unprocessed individual returns.

A Post analysis of 49 companies found that only a small share of their contributions went directly to the 147 lawmakers who objected to counting presidential election results.

The U.S. is an outlier for its lack of mandatory paid sick leave. Biden's plan seeks to eliminate loopholes that prevented some 100 million workers from accessing it during the pandemic.

The Small Business Administration has started offering loans for its next round of PPP funding. Here's what small-business owners should expect in the next round of funding.

French oil giant Total quits American Petroleum Institute over differences on subsidies for electric vehicles and carbon pricing.

More than 170 of those recipients have been named in multiple consumer complaints, racking up at least 100 with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, according to The Washington Post’s analysis.

President-elect Joe Biden is preparing to unveil an emergency relief plan Thursday evening to combat the coronavirus and deliver direct aid to American families, with a major focus on boosting vaccine production and delivery as the pandemic continues its rampage.

How 10 major social media and hosting companies dealt with violations of their content policies.

The rescue proposal covers a national vaccination program, direct aid for struggling families and relief for small businesses and communities.

IMF leader Kristalina Georgieva backed more stimulus as the pandemic goes ‘from bad to worse.’

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