Birds angry no more
Tiny Wings soothes with dreams of flight

Move over Angry Birds, it’s time for a new bird-themed addiction. Tiny Wings, for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, might sound like a knockoff of Angry Birds, but the similarities end with the avian theme.

Angry Birds is a great way to blow off some aggression. Tiny Wings, although equally addictive, seeks to soothe with its artful backgrounds and mellow soundtrack.

In Tiny Wings, you’re an early bird with dreams of flight. The object of the game? Get as far as you can in the single, side-scrolling level before nightfall. The catch is, of course, that your wings aren’t big enough to cruise on your own power. You can only fly by catching air after sliding over the game environment’s rolling hills.

Tap the screen to stop flapping and build momentum; let go to spread your wings and fly free. Gameplay satisfaction comes from getting the timing just right and scooping up coins placed on the ground along the way.

Tiny Wings is 99 cents in the iTunes App Store.

— Hayley Tsukayama