Travel without the baggage of stress

Have a New Year’s resolution to travel more? If you’re looking to rack up the frequent flyer miles in 2014, chances are you’ll want something to help you manage all those flight, hotel and dinner reservations at a glance. TripCase is a well-designed app that aims to make the logistics of travel easy so you can enjoy your trip. Like other, similar services, you can add your travel information to the service by forwarding relevant e-mails to TripCase. You can also build a trip manually, of course. From the app, you can look up flight information (or look up alternate flights, if needed), call your hotel, get directions and more. The app has ads tailored to your location and other information — apps have to pay their bills, after all — but they’re generally unobtrusive and, sometimes, even useful. Free, with in-app purchases, for iOS and Android devices.

Hayley Tsukayama