With the finale of the “Harry Potter” movies in theaters now, it’s tempting to try to recapture the fan spirit with Harry Potter: Spells — a free app from Warner Bros. But unless you’re willing to pay for extras, this dueling game can get very tedious, very fast. At the start of the app, users pick a wand and go before the Sorting Hat — don’t worry, you can retry if you end in a house you don’t want.

Then, you get to the spells. The premise is that players can use the touchscreen to trace patterns that correspond to spells from the Potterverse. You then use the skills you practice to duel with the computer or with others online or nearby. The free version of the game, however, comes with only a few spells, and spell packs cost 99 cents each. In short, it’s a fun app to revisit the early days of “Harry Potter,” but you’re probably not going to defeat anyone unless you’re willing to throw in a little cash. Free, for iOS devices.

Hayley Tsukayama