What’s your Klout score? Klout CEO and co-founder Joe Fernandez looks forward to the day when everyone is asking and answering that question. Klout rates users’ influence in social media using an algorithm that incorporates activity on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Last.fm, Flickr, Blogger and Google+, among other networks.

Where would Washington — a city of lawmakers and lobbyists — fall on the 1-to-100 rating system?

“I think it would be extremely high. The three topics we find people talk and engage the most about on social media are entertainment, technology and politics.

“It’s really, really hard for a normal person — somebody whose job isn’t to create social media content — to get a score above 70. To get above 85, it is the Lady Gagas, the Barack Obamas — those types of people. There are only four or five accounts in the 90s — that’s like Justin Bieber. I would say D.C. would be a 91 or it would be in the 90s.”