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Take the Bob McDonnell trial quiz!

The trial of former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell got underway this week in Richmond. A trial detailing alleged corruption by a former elected official was always going to be interesting. But this trial? It's like an episode of The Sopranos set at a circus acted by the cast of "Real Housewives." So here is our challenge to you: We will present one real detail of the case and three made-up details. And we ask you to tell the two apart. First, meet the cast of characters.

  • There's McDonnell, who is charged along with his wife Maureen McDonnell of 14 counts of conspiracy, fraud, and obstruction.
  • Star Scientific executive Jonnie Williams, whose company manufactures a nutritional supplement called Anatabloc and who allegedly footed the bill for a number of components of the McDonnells' lifestyle.
  • The McDonnells' kids, daughters Jeanine McDonnell and Cailin McDonnell-Young, who allegedly had a number of wedding bills paid by Williams, and son Bobby McDonnell.
Let the quiz begin. (Want to take it open book? All answers can be found here and here.)


How did investigators first stumble onto the relationship between McDonnell and Williams?

The chef in the governor's mansion was accused of stealing food.
A local policeman pulled over McDonnell while he was driving Williams' Ferrari.
McDonnell was caught discussing gifts on a wiretap.
Bobby McDonnell turned his parents in.


Which prominent national politician wound up being interviewed by investigators?

Barack Hussein Obama.
Joseph Robinette Biden.
Paul Davis Ryan.
Willard "Mitt" Romney.


To what did Maureen McDonnell's attorneys compare Williams in an effort to undermine his testimony?

The governor's mansion, because it's elaborate and confusing.
A ventriloquist's dummy, who will say anything the prosecution wants.
A character from "The Good Wife," because he's been scorned.
An iPhone, because he keeps upgrading his story.


What did Williams allegedly buy for Bobby McDonnell?

University of Virginia golf clubs and shoes.
A Rocawear jacket.
A week-long trip to Thailand.
A subscription to an adult website.


How much did Cailin pay for her wedding dress?



What wedding gift for Jeanine did Williams decide against purchasing?

A fishing boat.
Catering for the event.
A generator.
A minivan.


What task did Maureen McDonnell allegedly insist her kids perform on Christmas 2012?

Write thank-you notes to Jonnie Williams.
Fill out forms accepting shares of Star Scientific stock.
Call any attorneys they knew for advice.
Donate money to the Obama inauguration.


Where did McDonnell allegedly play golf on Williams' dime?

Loudon Acres, outside of Newport News.
Augusta National, home of the Masters.
Kinloch, in Goochland County.
The Olde Farm, in Bristol.


How many Oscar de la Renta dresses did Williams buy for Maureen at their first meeting?



Which illness does Williams claim Anatabloc can treat?

Thyroid cancer.
Chronic bronchitis.


How did Williams say he responded when doctors indicated that his wife needed surgery?

"Money is no object."
"Can you give me 60 days so I can do something?"
"I've wasted my life."
"Do it immediately. The governor owes me a favor."

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