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Units with this feature built between August 25, 2010 and October 31, 2013 have vent window switches on the driver’s door that can be damaged by moisture, which can lead to a short circuit of the switch causing overheating of the switch or possibly a fire.

Chrysler is aware of 36 vehicles with shorted and overheated switches (not including five vehicles in a private fleet). Chrysler says this small number represents less than 0.005 percent of all the vehicles affected by the recall.

To remedy the problem, Chrysler came up with a new vent window switch design that incorporates a silicone mat to better repel water and protect the circuit.

According to the recall notice, the campaign will begin next month, and all affected minivans will receive the updated switch. Until then, Chrysler says its customers can visit a dealership to have the vent window switch disconnected, which will eliminate the risk of the circuit overheating; disconnecting this switch will affect the rear vent windows only.

Of the 780,000 minivans being recalled, the majority (645,000) are in the U.S., while close to 107,000 are in Canada, another 8,000 are in Mexico and about 21,000 were sold in other markets.


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