Post analysis found the largest part of the continental United States to warm more than 2 degrees Celsius since 1895 lies in Colorado and Utah.

The Post is now making its analysis of U.S. climate data accessible to the public to promote a deeper understanding of the regional and local effects of climate change.

The Tennessee Valley Authority reversed course Thursday and rehired some tech workers just three days after President Trump singled out the federally owned utility for outsourcing those jobs. Trump also blasted the TVA's CEO for his "ridiculous" pay package.

The Energy 202: The oil lobby is already finding fault with Biden’s new climate plan

At the same time, the petroleum sector wants to make sure it isn’t shut out of a potential Biden administration.

The Energy 202: Biden pleases some once leery liberals with new climate plan

The former vice president’s plan would put the United States on a 15-year timeline for eliminating greenhouse gas pollution from power plants.

The Energy 202: More than a dozen states unite to boost electric trucks

The Democratic-controlled states say they will try to have every new medium- and heavy-duty vehicle sold within their borders be electric by 2050.

Two tweets, one by the president’s son and one by Vice President Pence’s former top staffer, on Tuesday called for stopping a giant gold and copper mine from being built in Alaska at the world’s greatest sockeye salmon fishery.

What happens when a big oil and gas company decides it wants to radically cut back on the oil and gas business? That’s what BP says it will do over the next decade.

Trump fires two members of the board of the TVA, a quasi-independent utility that uses no federal money but whose directors are chosen for overlapping terms by the president. Trump cited the utility's plan to use outside firms for technology contracting, eliminating 112 jobs.

In just months, the Democrat went from an “F” rating by climate activists to crafting the most ambitious climate strategy of any major party nominee

There is no going back to the beaches we once knew. The only question is, how do we want them to change?

The Democratic presumptive presidential nominee has called for phasing fossil fuels out of America's power sector by 2035. Some states are making headway, but it would take a massive effort for the entire country to meet that target.

ZeroAvia's electric-powered plane took flight over Cranfield in the United Kingdom on June 19, 2020.

Test your knowledge about ways the climate is changing.

Thawing permafrost may have caused a disastrous diesel spill above the Arctic Circle and poses wider threats to Putin’s ambitious plans for military and industrial development in the region.

The Pebble Mine, which would be the largest in North America, was halted by the Obama administration out of concern it would irreversibly damage the famous sockeye salmon fishery.

The group is repudiating as racist the most important man in its history, John Muir.

Speaking about infrastructure regulatory reform in Atlanta on July 15, President Trump claimed the United States would continue to have clean air and water.

President Trump is expected to finalize a major overhaul of one of the country's most consequential environmental laws on Wednesday, on the grounds that it has slowed the construction of highways, pipelines and other major projects across the country. The move, which is likely to be challenged in court, underscores the stakes this year as the two parties battle over how to balance environmental protections against economic development.

Black, brown and poor communities have relied on the law for generations to stop projects that could impact their neighborhoods.

The Trump administration argues that current limits on ozone are protective of public health, even as critics say stricter rules are needed to protect vulnerable communities.

An international group of scientists said more than a quarter of plants and animals worldwide are threatened.

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