President Biden is already unwinding Donald Trump’s environmental legacy, while forging his own. The Washington Post is chronicling every step.

D.C. area’s power grid is much more resilient than that of Lone Star State; flooding is a worry.

The Energy 202: Democrats eye climate in big infrastructure push

But a cacophony of competing demands is already threatening to divide Democrats.

The Energy 202: Frozen wind turbines aren't why Texas can't keep the lights on

That hasn't stopped it from becoming a right-wing talking point.

The Energy 202: How a bitter cold snap is crippling power in Texas

Over 4 million in Texas remain without power Tuesday morning.

President Biden is dramatically altering the way the U.S. government calculates the real-world cost of climate change. This approach could reshape a range of consequential decisions, from whether to allow new coal leasing on federal land to what sort of steel is used in taxpayer-funded infrastructure projects.

A tiny concert featured musicians with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra where toxic debris once stood.

The mountain of pollution is gone, replaced today with the sound of music.

U.N. says global pledges to cut greenhouse gases aren't even close to what's needed to stem global warming

Food waste creates more greenhouse gases than the airline industry. But there are several ways to fix that, starting with your shopping habits.

The Atlantic meridional overturning circulation, a system of currents, has long been considered capable of a sudden shutdown, which could have dramatic climate effects.

After decades of dreaming, a California start-up says it will roll out the first mass-produced solar cars this year.

The leaders of the Senate Energy Committee, both from oil-producing states, are expected to grill Deb Haaland on her opposition to new drilling leases on federal land.

School board seals deal to bring 300 electric school buses to Montgomery County. The buses will recharge at night and run during the day. During the hot summers, the buses and charging stations can help store needed energy for local businesses.

States and municipalities around the country want to curtail the use of natural gas to fight climate change. Conservative and industry groups want to block them.

The United States officially rejoins the Paris climate accord on Friday, under a new White House that is promising to take an aggressive role in the global effort to significantly cut greenhouse gases to save the planet.

Republicans have called Haaland radical over her support for the Green New Deal. But her views align neatly with President Biden’s climate plan.

St. Corona, a small village at the foot of the Alps, has long relied on skiers to support the local economy. But in a changing climate, where it can no longer count on snowy winters, the village is transitioning to a warm-weather economy.

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Turtles along the Texas Gulf Coast have been "cold stunned" by the winter storm affecting the region, washing up comatose on the shore of South Padre Island in a kind of hypothermic shock.

Empowered by new legislation and the White House, the United States is setting up a program to curb climate-warming refrigerants. But a new undercover survey suggests that leaks of these refrigerants are more common than regulators have assumed.

The Clean Power Plan had been tied up in litigation, then replaced by President Donald Trump.

In a major new pandemic trend, people are turning to carbon dioxide monitoring devices to help assess ventilation quality and coronavirus transmission risk.

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