Companies leading the hunt for ways to skim carbon dioxide from the air are attracting interest from big deep-pocketed corporations — including oil companies.

She believes a version will pass despite its recent flop in the Senate.

New research from satellites indicates one of the most important climate data sets has it right.

U.S. Gold is seeking a leg up in dealing with the federal government.

The attorneys general oppose the Trump administration smove to scale back federal authority over streams and tributaries that feed the nation's largest rivers.

The decision to disband an air pollution panel may be coming back to bite the administration.

The Office of Inspector General said its investigation is based on numerous requests from lawmakers and conservation groups.

There's a double-barreled push from the White House and Congress.

The court said that under a trust agreement, the government could control Taylor Energy’s funds for up to 50 years.

“What we do in the next 20 years will determine the future for all life on Earth," the famed naturalist says.

Bernhardt overcame concerns about conflicts of interest that arose following his nomination by President Trump.

The House Energy and Commerce Committee launched an investigation Thursday into whether the Environmental Protection Agency’s air policy chief and his deputy have improperly aided their former industry clients since joining the administration.

The move comes before Earth Day.

The company said 21 of its suppliers recently vowed to obtain all their electricity from renewable sources.

Critics said the president’s orders would trample on authority delegated to the states under the Clean Water Act and other congressional legislation.

It's another example of Democrats praising the enthusiasm generated by the Green New Deal.

There is a disconnect between the White House and the military.

“There are people in the administration who don’t think climate change is a risk, or is real, and there are people in the administration who do think it’s a risk and is real.”

It's a favorite attack line even though the Senate defeated the resolution.

Bill Johnson’s left the Tennessee Valley Authority one day and started at PG&E the next.

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