“Maybe my tweet had more influence than I thought,” said a Manhattan Institute senior adviser.

A federal judge has ruled that the Interior Department failed to take into account the climate impact of its oil and gas leasing and declared that a huge swath of leasing in the West is illegal.

The Gallup poll comes as debate in Washington deepens over climate change.

The iconic sage grouse has a storied history in the U.S.

Trump's EPA finally created a new health protection. But critics say it's still not enough.

A final plan issued Friday weakens federal protections on 9 million acres in the West that were put in place under Obama to protect an iconic bird species

The Environmental Protection Agency on Friday restricted the use of a toxic chemical used in paint strippers linked to dozens of deaths — but allowed commercial operators to use it as long as they underwent training.


A Senate vote could come this month.

They’ve come of age in a warming world. Now, students in nearly 100 countries and dozens of U.S. states are skipping school to fight climate change.

A Harvard study is reviving discussion about innovative ways to cut global warming.

It doesn't specifically mention climate change, but the reductions are in the fine print.

More than a dozen such bills have been introduced so far in 2019, the National Center for Science Education says.

Bernhardt, who’s running Interior as acting secretary, previously worked as an attorney there and has a firm grasp of the department. But as a former lobbyist, he’s burdened with numerous conflicts of interest.

This is one fight that's not going away.

Rep. Joe Cunningham’s stunt made a bang in a subcommittee hearing that questioned the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s decision to permit seismic testing, which harms whales.

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