Biden administration begins easing restrictions on Venezuelan oil

The move, which will allow Chevron to begin negotiating with the government of Nicolás Maduro, is aimed at promoting talks between the Venezuelan government and the U.S.-backed opposition.

By Samantha Schmidt,  Karen DeYoung and Anthony FaiolaMay 17, 2022

Pollution caused 1 in 6 deaths globally for five years, study says

In 2015, 1 in 6 deaths worldwide stemmed from poor air quality, unsafe water and toxic chemical pollution. That deadly toll — 9 million people each year — has continued unabated through 2019, killing more people than war, terrorism, road injuries, malaria, drugs and alcohol.

By Kasha PatelMay 17, 2022

One month in, New Mexico’s largest-ever fire fuels anger and despair

The blaze, part of which began as a prescribed burn, has displaced thousands and destroyed hundreds of structures.

By Karin BrulliardMay 17, 2022

Bubble-wrap sky: Storm chasers photograph mesmerizing mammatus clouds

The Sunday night sky in Oklahoma brought spectacular views of the pouch-shaped clouds.

By Matthew CappucciMay 17, 2022

New Mexico blaze is now largest wildfire in state history

The Calf Canyon/Hermits Peak fire near Santa Fe, N.M., has broken the state's record, burning nearly 300,000 acres.

By Bryan Pietsch and Jason SamenowMay 17, 2022

Suspect in Buffalo rampage cited 'ecofascism' to justify actions

Before 10 people died in a shooting at a Buffalo supermarket on Saturday, the alleged gunman wrote a screed citing “ecofascism,” an ideology that blames environmental problems on immigration and overpopulation.ecof

By Maxine Joselow and Vanessa Montalbano May 17, 2022

The Colorado River faces a climate change-driven crisis

The Colorado River plays a pivotal role in the American West, supplying water to more than 40 million people, irrigating 5 million acres of farmland, and providing critical habitat for rare fish, birds and plants.

By Maxine Joselow and Vanessa Montalbano May 16, 2022

Big Oil investors reject calls for stricter climate goals — so far

Oil and gas majors on both sides of the Atlantic are scheduled to hold their annual shareholder meetings this month, and climate activists are pushing oil companies to embrace swifter climate action during the 2022 proxy season.

By Maxine Joselow and Vanessa Montalbano May 13, 2022

In Australia’s quiet climate election, independents could make noise

Natural disasters have pushed concern in Australia about climate change to an all-time high. Yet as the country heads toward a federal election, neither major party is talking much about it.

By Michael E. MillerMay 17, 2022

1 in 6 Americans live in areas with significant wildfire risk

Here is a detailed map of wildfire exposure across the country. See how many properties are at risk in your region.

By John Muyskens,  Andrew Ba Tran,  Naema Ahmed and Anna PhillipsMay 16, 2022

Why electric scooters in India keep going up in flames

A spate of battery fires could complicate the country’s green agenda.

By Niha MasihMay 15, 2022

For better forecasts, hurricane hunters probe deep into storms

Amid unprecedented storm activity, predictions of ocean surge have improved, but inland flooding — now the deadliest hazard — is a focus of forecasters.

By Kasha PatelMay 14, 2022

The Colorado River is in crisis, and it’s getting worse every day

The Washington Post traveled along the river, from its start to its finish, to examine how people and places are coping with a shrinking lifeline in a hotter and drier landscape.

By Karin Brulliard,  Matt McClain and Erin Patrick O'ConnorMay 14, 2022

Tracking Biden’s environmental actions

President Biden is unwinding Donald Trump’s environmental legacy while forging his own. The Washington Post is chronicling every step.

By Juliet Eilperin,  Brady Dennis and John MuyskensMay 13, 2022

He bought the house 9 months ago. Then the ocean swept it away.

The owner of a house on North Carolina’s Outer Banks that washed out to sea this week said he bought it not realizing how vulnerable it was to severe storms.

By Brady DennisMay 13, 2022

Violent storms blast Upper Midwest with hurricane-force winds, dust

The “derecho” unleashed destructive 100-plus mph gusts and stirred up a towering cloud of dust.

By Matthew Cappucci and Jason SamenowMay 13, 2022

Senegal sees opportunity and ‘hypocrisy’ in Europe’s search for gas

As the EU ditches Russian gas over the war in Ukraine, West African nations hope to fill the void.

By Danielle Paquette and Evan HalperMay 13, 2022

Record heat fueling violent storms in central U.S.

Dangerous storms threaten millions while dozens of high-temperature records could fall in the central states Thursday.

By Matthew Cappucci and Jason SamenowMay 12, 2022

House panel will investigate USPS plan to purchase 8.6 mpg trucks

State attorneys general and top environmental groups have already sued the Postal Service to block the $11.3 billion truck contract.

By Jacob BogageMay 12, 2022

How the future trees of New Mexico were almost destroyed by wildfires

How the future trees of New Mexico were almost destroyed by wildfires raging through the state.

By Elizabeth MillerMay 12, 2022

Biden pulls 3 offshore oil lease sales, curbing new drilling this year

The Interior Department confirmed Wednesday that it will not hold three oil and gas lease sales in the Gulf of Mexico and off the coast of Alaska that had been scheduled to take place, taking millions of acres off the auction block.

By Anna PhillipsMay 12, 2022

The swift march of climate change in North Carolina’s ‘ghost forests’

As sea levels rise and storms become more intense, scientists are racing to study the rapid loss of trees and marshland along the Outer Banks.

By Brady DennisMay 12, 2022

North Carolina beach homes collapse from lumbering coastal storm

The incident on the Outer Banks has exposed the risk to shoreline homes from storms and the rising sea

By Jason Samenow and Brady DennisMay 11, 2022