21 young people sued in 2015, hoping to force an end to fossil fuel-friendly U.S. policies.

While the software giant expects to be "carbon negative" by the end of the decade, it will continue to sell technology to help fossil fuel companies find and extract deposits.

More than 100 million years ago, Wollemi pines covered Australia, scientists say. Today, there are fewer than 200 left in the wild.

It also marked the second-warmest year ever. “What happens in the future is really up to us," said one scientist.

The former mayor would ban the burning of natural gas in new buildings and push existing ones to switch to electric appliances.

The shift by the nation’s leading money manager is sure to be closely watched by its rivals and the rest of corporate America.

How climate change supercharged natural weather patterns on the continent to create a hellscape.

Researchers worry about the long-term physical and mental health of residents as the bushfire crisis wears on. “This is a very significant health concern," said Bruce Thompson of Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne.

Since October, each “Fire Drill Friday” installment has featured a rotating cast of experts, activists and Fonda’s celebrity friends giving speeches on environmental issues.

New energy efficiency standards for big equipment will save billions and cut carbon emissions.

Returnees from the first leg of the year-long MOSAiC Arctic expedition bring back stories of brittle ice, brutal storms and an Arctic system that is far less stable than anything they’d experienced before.

He unveiled a major overhaul of 50-year-old environmental regulations.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has drawn anger over the emergency response and his energy policies.

A record drop in emissions from coal was nearly offset by other sectors.

Environmental advocates are cautiously optimistic but say they will judge the agency on the strength of its proposal later this year.

Proposed changes to the National Environmental Policy Act are designed to speed up federal approvals for drilling, highway building and other projects.

The findings upend the idea that daily weather is distinct from long-term climate change.

William Perry Pendley, who doesn’t believe the federal government should own lands, will continue to run the Bureau of Land Management.

A Native American tribe has insulated itself from California’s blackouts by creating a microgrid utility.

PG&E is the country’s first “climate bankruptcy.” Experts say it won’t be the last.

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