GLASGOW, Scotland — Success or failure of the COP26 is in the hands of world leaders and their negotiating teams. They are trying to hammer out a deal to avert catastrophic climate change, as the two-week global summit nears its end. Along with COP President Alok Sharma, U.N. Secretary General António Guterres delivered remarks to encourage governments to move quicker and with greater ambition.

Here’s what to know

  • The summit is due to end on Friday, and Sharma has said he wants to stick to that. But these summits often continue past their deadlines. Sharma acknowledged that contentious differences remain, saying he was “under no illusion that any party in this room is wholly satisfied with where the texts currently stand.”
  • Whether the deal keeps mention of coal and fossil fuels is among the remaining fights.
  • Costa Rica and Denmark are rallying countries to join their Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance, dedicated to the phaseout of oil and gas production.
  • The general theme of the day is cities and built environments.