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Picture-perfect weather for a spectacular fireworks show in Washington

A fan of flares exploded over the Mall during the 2022 D.C. fireworks show. (Kevin Ambrose for The Washington Post)
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The weather was clear, the humidity was low, and there was a sufficient breeze from the south to clear the smoke. It was perfect weather to photograph the D.C. fireworks show Monday evening.

Unlike past years, which featured high humidity with threats of showers and storms, the weather this year cooperated nicely. Smoke from the fireworks exited to the north rather quickly and never obscured the show.

I set up my camera and tripod at the Netherlands Carillon with a group of photographers from D.C. and New York. We shared food and drink and discussed past photo shoots while waiting for the fireworks show to begin.

During the midday hours, we moved our chairs under a nearby shade tree to escape the searing sun, and we took turns making trips to Starbucks and taking a dip in a nearby pool.

Fireworks photos are included below, including our group shot. Also included are photos from Washington Post photographers and our readers on social media.

Images from Washington Post photographers

Images from social media