To protect the planet, you may need to see less of it.

"Mass timber” construction is gaining ground, although not all environmentalists agree on its potential for slowing climate change.

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“How do you respond to the fact that basically nothing is being done about this without feeling the slightest bit of anger?” the 16-year-old asked world leaders in Spain.

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The Energy 202: Pelosi under fire from left for not tackling climate change in trade deal with Trump

Democrats say it’s the most pro-environment deal they could strike.

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The Energy 202: White House hopefuls launch climate ad blitz during U.N. talks in Madrid

Joe Biden released a nearly two-minute spot this morning.

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The Energy 202: ExxonMobil just won a big climate court case in New York. But it’s not in the clear yet.

Other state and local governments are suing to hold oil companies accountable for climate change.

A new report on Americans’ push to address climate change kicks off a week of climate-related campaign events.

State supreme court judge finds the oil and natural gas giant did not break New York securities laws.

Greenland’s glaciers are losing ice faster and faster, according to 26 separate satellite measurements and 89 scientists who study them.

Emissions rose slightly over half a percent -- still enough for a new record. There's still no sign they're starting to decline, experts said.

Repsol also cut revenue estimates for its oil and gas reserves, citing a new climate scenario.

“Healthy coral reefs are remarkably noisy places — the crackle of snapping shrimp and the whoops and grunts of fish combine to form a dazzling biological soundscape,” said Steve Simpson, a marine biology professor at the University of Exeter.

More than 3 in 4 Americans had heard little or nothing about the plan, according to a Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation poll.

Climate change can feel confusing, and big, and scary. Trust us: We get it. With this first quiz, we’ll start with some of the basics. Can you pass Climate Change 101?

Protesters who staged a hunger strike in the House speaker’s congressional office stormed past aides when she refused to meet with them.

One scenario would allow development on lake that shelters tens of thousands of migrating caribou and birds.

The Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday weakened rules governing how companies store dangerous chemicals enacted under the Obama administration in the wake of a deadly 2013 explosion in West, Tex.

The band joins other popular artists including Jack Johnson, Pearl Jam and Adele in seeking to reduce carbon emissions from their tours, which have large environmental footprints.

Amid mounting global concern about climate change, Denmark has turned into a buzzing hive of green experimentation.

At least 945 toxic waste sites across the country face escalating risks from rising seas, more intense inland flooding, voracious forest fires and other climate-fueled disasters, according to a new study from a congressional watchdog agency.

Introduction to the new Climate Solutions coverage

Different regions have felt the effects of extreme weather in the past few years. But those common experiences have not produced a political consensus on the causes.

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