They're writing rules even as the administration relaxes them.

A patchwork of policies on water pollution, pesticides and oil and gas drilling have emerged across the United States.

But he seems most interested in bodies of water in or near swing states.

Up to 1,000 gallons of oil per day are being removed from the site of the Taylor Energy spill, says the owner of company that installed a containment system.

The findings, issued nearly a year after Pruitt resigned amid controversy over his spending, travel and ties to lobbyists and outside groups, highlight the fiscal impact of his penchant for high-end travel and accommodations.

Bernhardt testified on the Hill yesterday.

The Louisiana event yesterday sounded more like a campaign rally.

Minden has seen its share of cancer-related deaths.

Conservationists and authors of a United Nations report on biodiversity loss say individuals have the power to create meaningful change.

The former veep's plan has yet to be released.

Trump appointees issued guidance in 2017 that eased permitting for coal mines, but that scientists warn could harm imperiled crayfish.

So says a new poll.

David Bernhardt said he was committed to carrying out President Trump’s plans to expand fossil fuel production but won’t make the effects the key factor in calculating climate impact of leasing decisions.

National Association of Manufacturers identified a slew of regulations it wanted rewritten in 2017.

Investors are using their clout to pressure companies to change, but regulators are pushing back.

A federal court also has ordered the EPA to ban chlorpyrifos, but the Trump administration has appealed the ruling.

David Bernhardt says there's no law requiring him to help stop global warming.

The power has been used sparingly compared to other administrations.

Reversing the trend will require nations to jointly confront the loss of biodiversity, along with climate change, the report says.

Environmentalists say the decision will only aggravate climate change's threat to the beetle.

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