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Sea turtle eggs are collected last week at Galveston Island State Park in Texas. (Texas Parks and Wildlife)
The Kemp’s ridley sea turtle nest, found in the dunes Galveston Island State Park, was the first to be detected in the park since 2012 and among three discovered there in the past two decades.
Executive editor Sally Buzbee on The Post's Climate Solutions coverage.
Out of about 90,000 dams in the nation, few generate hydropower. A push to retrofit nonpowered dams could change that.
A study in Nature suggests that eating meat made from microbes could stave off half the world’s deforestation — but at a certain point, land-saving effect is diminished.
Out of about 90,000 dams in the nation, few generate hydropower. A push to retrofit nonpowered dams could change that.
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From snow sports to watercraft, battery-powered recreation could save millions of gallons of gasoline — and cut back on noise, fumes and pollution.
10 questions to test your knowledge on global warming.
Miranda Massie founded the institution in 2015. Since then, she’s worked to elevate the intersection of art, science and climate action.
The threat of wildfires is growing because of climate change. These are the steps you can take to prepare.
Climate Visionaries
Gen. Richard Nugee is making the British military greener to improve the climate — and security.
Marjan de Blok has no engineering, architecture or hydrological training — but she’s spearheaded a movement for urban dwellers grappling with the accelerating impacts of climate change.
At 12 years old, Alhaji Siraj Bah was living on the streets. A decade later, his business in Sierra Leone employs nearly three dozen people as they work to create an alternative to wood-based charcoal.
Katherine Sizov is only two years out of college, but her high-tech sensors — which monitor ethylene, a gas key to the ripening of fruits and vegetables — are keeping watch over 15 percent of U.S. apples
Andrea Meza has ambitious plans for the country’s fight against climate change. But between a warming planet and limited time in her role, she’s on a tight deadline.
(Philip Fong/AFP/Getty Images)
Proponents say hydrogen could be key in the fight to curb climate change. Others warn that using hydrogen as fuel could do the opposite.
The Golden State — which has long dealt with smoggy skies — often sets environmental policy other states eventually follow.
"We are going to be eating the rainforest in our burgers. This is our moment as Americans to step forward and leverage some pressure to save the world," one scientist said.
The Biden administration is sending $1.5 billion to the states to curb methane emissions from abandoned oil and gas wells, which are helping warm the planet long after the drilling is stopped.