(Michael Parkin for the Washington Post)
(Michael Parkin for the Washington Post)

Quiz: How much do you know about climate change?

  • Nov 22
(Photos by Jonas Opperskalski)
(Photos by Jonas Opperskalski)

Revolutionary recycling? A new technology turns everyday trash into plastic treasure.

UBQ Materials says its process can profitably help tackle the world’s huge waste problem.
  • Nov 18

One city’s plan to combat climate change: Bulldoze homes

Charlotte has been demolishing flood-prone houses for years. But the floods are getting bigger.
  • Nov 26

Divers re-emplanting corals on degraded reefs

Multiple approaches underway to try to repair portions of reef systems lost to warming water
  • Oct 10

Are my hamburgers hurting the planet?

Cow flatulence isn't that bad for the environment. Their burps are the real problem.
  • Nov 18
(Ulf Svane)
(Ulf Svane)

What it takes to be carbon neutral — for a family, a city, a country

Amid mounting global concern about climate change, Denmark has turned into a buzzing hive of green experimentation.
  • Nov 19

The troubling ethics of fashion in the age of climate change

Is it possible to create beautiful clothing that doesn’t imperil the environment?
  • Nov 18

How you can reduce your carbon footprint when you travel

Your choices can make a difference. But your trip will have an environmental impact.
  • Nov 27
The most prominent efforts to prevent that crisis involve reducing carbon emissions. But another idea is also starting to gain traction — sucking all that carbon out of the atmosphere and storing it underground.
In Illinois, a push for renewable energy could alter the state’s agricultural landscape.
  • Feb 22, 2019

What the Space Age taught us: Earth is the best of all possible worlds

Star Trekking put on hold as visionaries appreciate the home planet anew
  • Jun 18
Conservationists and authors of a United Nations report on biodiversity loss say individuals have the power to create meaningful change.
A new study promised a rare positive development from global warming for Maryland’s favorite crustacean. But bad news wasn’t far behind.
The government said Britain would be the first “major economy” to enshrine net-zero carbon targets in law. 
Young Europeans are digging out their parents’ yellowing Europe-by-rail guidebooks.

Earth’s population is skyrocketing. How do you feed 10 billion people sustainably?

A new study finds the current methods of producing, distributing and consuming food aren’t cutting it.
  • Oct 10, 2018
Companies leading the hunt for ways to skim carbon dioxide from the air are attracting interest from big deep-pocketed corporations — including oil companies.
When a magnitude 8.0 earthquake struck remote parts of Peru’s Amazon region, Loon — an Internet-providing balloon service owned by Alphabet — dispatched a group of balloons to the impacted area.
“We have a new wave of contention in society that’s being led by women," sociologist Dana Fisher said. "And the youth climate movement is leading this generational shift."
At the London Marathon, participants received a new kind of refreshment: tiny pouches filled with a sports drink and made from seaweed. The squishy pods gave race organizers a chance to cut down on the flood of plastic waste that accompanies major sporting events.

As seas rise, the U.N. explores a bold plan: Floating cities

Buoyant platforms that can weather cyclones and climate change could provide room for crowded coastal cities to grow.
  • Apr 5, 2019
Sony has introduced a new product called the Reon Pocket, which operates like a mobile air conditioner that fits inside clothing.
RS Automotive will become the first service station in the nation to completely convert their equipment from offering gasoline to 100 percent electric power.
After a rigorous search in a rapidly melting Arctic, researchers have finally found a suitable floe with which their vessel can drift across the North Pole.
Three scientists won the award for their development of rechargeable batteries.
Churches say they are fulfilling God’s command — and the wishes of Francis in “Laudato Si” — by switching to renewable energy.
The Sierra Club's annual guide to buying plug-in electric vehicles provides a user-friendly quiz to help you identify possible vehicles to buy.