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The people and organizations tackling our biggest environmental challenges

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Vanuatu got a big win after the U.N. General Assembly backed an effort to get the top international court to spell out how countries are on the hook for climate change.
Executive editor Sally Buzbee on The Post's Climate Solutions coverage.
Advocates say that in even the driest towns and cities, rain farming has the potential to erase projected water deficits in the decades to come.
Scotland's whisky industry is trying to go net-zero. It's not easy.
New national monument designations will protect Castner Range, a former military site, and Avi Kwa Ame, a sacred tribal area.
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Once pushed to the brink of extinction, condors are soaring in Northern California skies again with the help of an Indigenous tribe and a team of scientists.
From snow sports to watercraft, battery-powered recreation could save millions of gallons of gasoline — and cut back on noise, fumes and pollution.
10 questions to test your knowledge on global warming.
The threat of wildfires is growing because of climate change. These are the steps you can take to prepare.
Climate VisionariesBrilliant people around the world who are working to find climate solutions.
A company is planning to combine two technologies: geothermal power and direct air capture.
Washing less often and doing full loads can help you reduce the amount of harmful tiny fibers released by your clothes, experts say.
The Biden administration wants dozens of small nuclear plants to sprout across the country. Coal communities see big opportunity.
Members of Generation Z are getting their driver’s licenses at lower rates than their predecessors. The question — for American drivers and for the planet — is whether that trend will last.
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Using other kitchen appliances, improving ventilation and experimenting with induction could help curb your exposure to pollutants.
France is set to pass a law requiring solar panels to be built above most parking lots, drastically accelerating renewable energy to fight global warming.
New Zealand – dubbed the Saudi Arabia of milk for its dominant role in global dairy trade – wants its farmers to pay a world-first levy on agricultural emissions by 2025 to help reduce agriculture's climate footprint.
A new partnership between a bioplastic entrepreneur and an Icelandic manufacturer is part of a network in Iceland focusing on inventive and creative technologies to address the climate crisis.