Over the past 15 years, The Washington Post and the Cappies of the National Capital Area (Cappies-NCA) has encourage the growth of thousands of student theater critics through the Cappies critics and awards program.  Under the guidance of skilled Cappies mentors, high school theater and journalism students are trained as critics, attend shows at other schools, write reviews, and publish those reviews in student and community newspapers across the Washington area in addition to the washingtonpost.com. Reviews from select student critics will run in the Community Relations section of washingtonpost.com from November 2014– May 2015.

Up to 35 Cappies student critics will be selected to take part in a half-day, theater critics workshop hosted at The Post in February. During the session, students will have an opportunity to learn from critics from The Post and produce a narrative essay describing their experience as a Cappies theater critic.

At the end of the series, one deserving student critic will have the distinct honor of being named a recipient of The Washington Post Outstanding Student Critic Award which is presented to the student critic that has the most reviews selected to run in the Community Relations section of washingtonpost.com.  The winner will be chosen automatically by The Cappies Information System (CIS) and be recognized during the Cappies Gala in June. To learn more about Cappies programs and see a list of participating schools, visit http://cappies.com/nca/ .


Q: Who is a perfect candidate for this workshop?

A: Current Cappies-NCA student theater critics.

Q: Is there an application process and/or how do I register for the workshop?

A: No. This workshop is only open to participants in the Cappies-NCA program.

Q: How many students can take part in the workshop?

A: The workshop is open to 35 students.

Q: When does the workshop take place?

A: The workshop will take place on Saturday, February 21 at The Post.

Q: Are volunteer opportunities available?

A: Yes. Contact Judy Bown at judy.bowns@cappies.com for more details.