Carolyn Conte '14, Opinion Editor for The Stampede student newspaper of Bishop McNamara High School in Forestville, Maryland

Carolyn was nominated by Charles M. Shryock, IV, student newspaper adviser at Bishop McNamara High School. Here’s what he had to say about the award winner:

Carolyn fought to take our journalism class as a 9th grader, even though the class was already full with upperclassmen. She was so terrific last year as a reporter that the staff encouraged her to be an editor this year, in 10th grade. As a writer, Carolyn is prolific, smart, and creative. Next month, one of our editors-in-chief will be away for a week, and Carolyn will temporarily take his place as copy editor. Next year, she will be an editor-in-chief for our student newspaper, and play a major role in guiding other students and shaping the focus of our publication.

List high school journalism workshops attended and/or facilitated:

• 2011 YJDP-News Literacy Project Summer Workshop (offered through the Young Journalists Development Program of The Washington Post, and the News Literacy Project

• 2011 Towson University High School Journalism Day !

• 2008 Summer Journalism Camp (Bishop McNamara High School)

List of high school journalism activities including offices held, committees, honors, service, etc:

• 2010-2011 - Staff Writer for The Stampede Student Newspaper (News Section)

• Received the "Outstanding Student" Award for Journalism 1 Class Writer for Media Club (After School)

• 2011-2012 - Op-Ed Editor for The Stampede Student Newspaper

• Editor for Media Club

• Received the "Outstanding Student" Award for Journalism 2 Class

List of other leadership roles and accomplishments:

 • 2012 Driving Safety Champion - National Transportation Safety Board and Meharry Medical College. (For a safe driving program that she developed.)

• 2011 Campfire USA Leadership Conference (Atlanta)

• 2011-2012 - Op-Ed Editor for The Stampede Student Newspaper

• 2012 Campfire USA Leadership Conference (Minneapolis)

• 2011 Teens in Action Leadership Team(Service Club, Bishop McNamara HS)

• Sports (Track, Softball and Lacrosse)!

• High GPA, honors classes