Lauren was nominated by Mark R. Eaton, English Dept. Chari and Journalism Adviser at T.C. Williams High School. Here’s what he had to say about the award winner:

Lauren is a rare combination of gifted writer and talented designer.  Her written work, particularly her cover story on academic doping, "A is for Adderall" and her story last year,"Do as I Say, Not as I Text," on texting while driving, were timely, thoughtful and significant. Lauren's largely self-taught skills in InDesign transformed Theogony from a high school paper of moderate quality to a lively and visually interesting 16-page magazine-style publication.  Lauren's drive and leadership resulted in Theogony publishing more and better stories.

 List high school journalism workshops attended and/or facilitated:

Lauren participated in JCamp at Virginia Tech during the summer of 2011 where she excelled in the Editorial Leadership Strand.

 List of high school journalism activities including offices held, committees, honors, service, etc:

Lauren is a Managing Director (equivalent to an editor-in-chief) at Theogony.  With other students, she leads a staff of 28 students.  As the Journalism II teacher and newspaper advisor at T.C. Williams I have been particularly impressed with Lauren's growth and accomplishments during the years that she has been in my classes.

 List of other leadership roles and accomplishments:

Lauren's academic record in high school is exceptional.  She has been on the Honor Roll every year since 6th grade and is a member of the National Honor Society.  Her academic schedule has been challenging.  She has completed, or is enrolled in, numerous Advanced Placement and honors courses. Lauren has assumed positions of responsibility as a neighborhood pet and house caretaker and baby sitter. 

List membership in other journalism or professional organizations:

Lauren is a member of the Red Cross Club and the Key Club, our school's service organization. Lauren is also a leader on the T.C. Williams varsity softball team.  She also volunteers at the Alexandria Archaeology Museum.  Lauren makes a strong contribution in extra-curricular activities at T.C. Williams.  She is a member of the French National Honor society and she is a founder and president of the French Club.  She attended the prestigious Virginia Governor's French Foreign Language Academy last summer.