It was late in 7th period on a Friday.  The boredom of Economics and Personal Finance was growing heavier on my soul.  In an attempt to escape its clutches, I logged into my email.  “Five new messages”, my computer told me.  Sandwiched in between emails from Mary Baldwin College for Women and Puget Sound University was a letter from Andy Mays of the Cappies organization.  Clicking on it, I discovered an answer to a question I had asked a couple days ago.  I read to the bottom of the email, where my eyes froze on the signature.  It was signed, “Congratulations on your publication”.  I stared blankly at the screen as disbelief inundated my senses.  It was my first ever Cappies article and Andy Mays is telling me it was published?  I checked the bottom right corner of the monitor, but the date was not April 1.  Maybe she got the wrong person, but the note was addressed to me.  So, two options came to mind: Either Andy Mays was lying or my article was actually good enough to be published.  Figuring that the latter was much more likely, confusion gave way to a great sense of accomplishment.  My elation bubbled over through squeals and giggles which brought looks questioning my sanity from classmates.  When the final bell rang, I bounced out of my seat and practically ran to tell my lead critic and my Cappies mentor.  There were many enthusiastic high fives and congratulatory exclamations.  Finally, on the wing of excitement, I flew home to tell my parents.