— Andrew is courageous and ambitious. In his sophomore year, he started working for a local sports blog that specialized in high school sports. It started when he pitched an idea to the editor, wrote the story, and then saw it end up on their front page. He used that experience to gain work with other online publications. (I remember reading one email from an editor who was surprised to learn that Andrew was only in high school –– he had hired Andrew on the basis of his work, without knowing his age!) !

—Andrew is independent. When covering games for, he wrote stories that were critical to our school, including one that caused some controversy. But he did not shy away from it, because he followed the core tenets of journalistic ethics. He loves our school, yet is committed to the truth, and to journalistic independence.

—Andrew holds himself accountable. I can think of several times when we were almost ready to print, and Andrew insisted we update a story with statistics from earlier that day.

—Andrew’s achievements are the result of his hard work and incredible passion for journalism. More than once, he has lead efforts to edit an important story past midnight, via Google Docs.

—As a program, we are not particularly big on entering contests. But Andrew won 1st place in the only contest where we have entered his work.

Impact on his high school publication:

—First and foremost, Andrew is a terrific role model for other students. His stories are always on time, always thorough, and always well-written. He includes multiple perspectives, and reaches beyond our school to interview coaches, athletic directors, college coaches, you name it.

—While sports is his greatest love, he reads widely and is frequently updating classmates on national news stories, or recommending to me an article that we should read as a class (not sports).

—He has mentored younger writers, in particular one who has followed Andrew’s example and used his same approach to secure work with more than one online publication.

List of high school journalism activities including offices held, committes, honors, service, etc:

•2012-2013 - Field Reporter for WMAC (Bishop McNamara High School TV station)

•2012-2013 - Honors Journalism 2 – Bishop McNamara High School (elective English class)

•2011-2012 - Journalism 1 – Bishop McNamara High School (elective English class)

•2010-2011 - Media Club – Bishop McNamara High School

•2012-2013 - Sports Editor, The Stampede Student Newspaper

•2011-2012 - Staff Writer, Sports Editor, The Stampede Student Newspaper

•2010-2011 - Contributing Writer, The Stampede Student Newspaper