Details submitted by J. Scott Osborne, IV, Advisor, Hammond High School


—It’s Academic – Team Member

—Morning News, Patuxent Valley Middle School (2008-2011)

—Staff Reporter, The Bear Press(2011-2012)

—Sports Editor The Bear Press(2012-2013)

—Football and Basketball Beat ReporterThe Bear Press (2011-2013)

—First Place, STEM Fair, Technology Category (2013)

—First Place, 6th Grade, Giant Food & NAACP, “Making a Difference” Essay Contest (2009)

—It’s Academic, Team Member` 2011-2013

Scott Osborne, English Teacher and Advisor to The Bear Press at Hammond High School had this to say about the winner: I have known Jordan Katz for two years and have found him to be a bright, enthusiastic, and highly creative young man who is determined to make a mark in the field of journalism. I currently have Jordan in my Journalism II class, and during the time I have known him, I have watched him develop into an excellent young reporter and editor. He is forward-thinking with regards to the changing nature of reporting and is enthusiastic about developing both his writing style as well as implementing technology in his work. In only his second year in Journalism, Jordan earned the coveted position of sports editor, and he is the reporter assigned to cover the majority of the major games and sports issues at Hammond High School.

Through his ability and enthusiasm, Jordan has become a leader on The Bear Press staff as only a sophomore. Jordan spent his second year as a sideline reporter for the varsity football team contributing to both the paper and the football team’s website. Jordan’s consistency in record keeping and his ability and creativity in interviewing allowed him to produce weekly game recaps that included interesting and varying analysis as well as thoughtful comments from coaches and players.

In his short time on our staff, Jordan has taken sports reporting at The Bear Press to a new level of achievement. He has expanded our coverage to include print and electronic game-by-game reports, and he has taken the students of Hammond deep into the experience of being a high school athlete. When Hammond’s new turf field was debuted, Jordan covered the event by interviewing Howard County Executive Ken Ulman as well as school administration and football players. His article provided a range of perspectives that allowed readers to understand the process that went into brining the new field to Hammond as well as the effect it had on students.

I highly recommend Jordan Katz as a candidate for The Washington Post Emerging Young Journalist Award. He is a strong-minded young man with great potential and confidence in his abilities. I believe that Jordan is destined to be a leading journalist in time, and I have taught no one more deserving of this honor at such a young age than Jordan.

Julia Burnerm, Editor-in-Chief of The Bear Press had this to say about the winner: As Editor-in-Chief of the Hammond High School newspaper, I have seen many students crumble under the pressure of participating in a hectic,deadline-driven environment. Jordan Katz is one of the few I have encounteredwho is not only able to persevere in his role on the newspaper staff but also able to further advance his skills and responsibilities. I have known Jordan for two years, and in that short period of time, he has moved up to the position of sports editor. He has been a pleasure to work alongside because of his eagerness and enthusiasm to do his best.

Jordan takes on most sports articles we display because of his attention to detail, careful recording, and his ability to interview a wide range of people. He has elevated the sports spread to be a more respected page than it has ever been in the past. I have seen Jordan grow as a reporter by taking initiative in finding stories and seeking out events and individuals to cover. He has introduced our newspaper to new technological methods of organization and design, making our team more productive and allowing us to achieve better standards.

Jordan continues to surprise me by meeting and exceeding my expectations of his work. He is not only dedicated to his position as a leader but is also adept at cooperating with the entire newspaper team. I whole-heartedly recommend Jordan Katz for the award of Emerging Young Journalist because of his current abilities and because of the potential he clearly possesses.