—Founded the Journalism Academy at Rockville High School (2005)

—President, Maryland-District of Columbia Scholastic Press Association

—Served as associate producer for the MCPS Quizmaster Challenge television show

—Media Advisor for Yearbook, Television, and Radio programs at Rockville High School

—Judge, Journalism Education Association’s Write-Off competition

—Co-executive producer of the Metro Sports Connection television program, which won a Monty Award for Best Sports program

Impact on her high school publication:

- Organizes, promotes and facilitates an “Electives Fair’ enabling every student in the school to experience first hand the promises and possiblities inherent in journalism academy courses. This has directly resulted in a tremendous boost in enrollment in the Newspaper, TV Production, Radio, and Yearbook classes. Most importantly, it has allowed students who otherwise might not have considered journalism as a career to broaden their plans.

—The Journalism Academy he founded currently supports 250 aspiring journalists in programs that include television, radio, and newspaper production and the newspaper has recieved every major national award from every national organization including the prestigious Gold Crown from CSPA and the Pacemaker from the National Scholastic Press Association, and was named twice as the nation’s best high school newspaper by TIME Magazine and Weekly Reader News Corporation.