Through a partnership with The News Literacy Project (NLP), YJDP offers three summer workshops conducted one Saturday in June, July and August where high school students receive training on how to evaluate the reliability and credibility of news in print, broadcast and online.  Each session emphasizes the importance of developing critical-thinking skills and putting those skills to use as young journalists.  Workshops topics include an introduction to news literacy, interpreting messages received across a variety of news sources, challenges sorting fact from fiction in the digital age, among others.

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Q: Who is a perfect candidate for this workshop?

A: Any high school student who wants to learn how to find the reliable information they need to make decisions, take action or make judgments as consumers of news and as news reporters.

Q: Is there an application process and/or how do I register for the workshop?

A: No application, but you do have to pre-register for the workshop. Seating is limited, so we encourage you to register early.

Q: How many students are eligible to take part in the workshop?

A: The first 30 students to apply to either workshop will be eligible to participate. Once we have reached capacity, registration will close.

Q: When will registration forms be available and/or when does registration begin?

A: The registration period takes place in the last week of May and ends the Friday before the June workshop.

Q: Is the registration period currently open?

A: No.

Q: When does the program take place?

A: One Saturday in June and July. Specifics dates TBD.

Q: Are volunteer opportunities available?

A: Yes. To become involved as a journalist, an educator, a student or a prospective financial supporter, visit